A few weeks ago I took part in a folded book binding workshop in uni. After a lot of practicing how to fold paper and with the help of my brand new little bookbinding bone, I made this cheeky little bad boy! It's the perfect size to hold business cards, so I've put the prettiest ones I nicked from last years graphic design graduate show in it. 

I'd love to say this was impossible to make and therefore I am pretty much the master of paper, but it was actually really easy.


I decided to have a go at entering a design competition, for a chance of getting my design used by M&S. The competition was to design something that could be used for a card, gift wrapping, stationary etc, which represents love. The design is for Spring 2013, so I had to do a bit of research on what colour palette to use, and the predicted trends. I didn't want my design to be dominated by a stereotypical and boring love heart. Instead I focused on the idea of love birds. Since it's for springtime I thought it would be quite appropriate having little cute birdys. I also didn't want my card to be purely based on couples, because love can also represent friendship and family, and I think the birds symbolise this. The colours I used aren't the norm for lovey dovey things, but they said they want unique designs so I committed to using fresh, exciting and warm colours, all words I'd associate love and springtime with. 

first design intended for a card/notebook
second design intended for gift wrapping, but also maybe a card or stationary
third and last entry, again just for wrapping or stationary

I like them, but as if I'd win anything!


Finally got to have a go at some screen printing! For the workshop we were told to bring along a black and white design. I didn't know what to bring along so I decided to make a cheeky picture that would put a smile on my sister's face. Never drawn a dog before, never really drawn any animal before, therefore this is no masterpiece. 
I just like pugs.

(Left my actual screen prints back at uni, I will scan them in when I get chance to, however they didn't come out that great because my lines were too thin. Gutted!)


My sister wanted me to make her some little 'thank you for coming' to her birthday meal cards to put in her gift bags she'd made for her friends. I must admit I barely spent any time on these, wish I spent more but I had way too much project work to be cracking on with. But she was very happy with them and I think they're rather cute so here they are!

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